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Stazo® Steering wheels

STAZO is proud to be one of world’s leading manufacturers of yacht steering wheels, offering the largest assortment of styles and sizes, either traditional or modern styled.

Steering wheels

Stazo® Marinedeck

Back in the 80’s we started our research on alternatives for teak ship decks. Because of all the advantages and properties, natural cork was our first choice from the beginning. The material is refined and contains non-skid.


Stazo® Boatsecurity

STAZO has developed a high-quality line of stainless security equipment to protect valuable maritime property. All STAZO systems have been tested by SKG-IKOB.



Since 1931 STAZO is a family business situated in the Netherlands with a worldwide delivery of high Quality marine products. We are specialized in supplying steering wheels, ship decks, deck sheets and marine locking devices. Customers choose us because of our flexibility, our excellent service and years of knowledge in this industry. Through the expertise of our professionals and our high-quality tools you are assured of the best results and the highest quality.

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