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Stazo® marinedeck

Back in the early 80’s we began research on alternatives for teak decks. Many different options were investigated, including many kinds of synthetic materials. Our focus was on something non-skid, easy to clean, with a long life cycle and very limited or no technical maintenance. As a matter of fact natural cork was our first choice from the beginning. Research confirmed we were on the right path.

Sailing yachts

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More information

Cruise ships, rivers cruisers and ferries

A few years ago the Department of Marine Technology at the University of Delft in the Netherlands published an independent report listing many of the advantages of MARINEDECK®exterior. Since that report was published many naval architects and designers worldwide have been attracted to the use of MARINEDECK®exterior. The extreme durability, attractive appearance and easy maintenance of this product have made it the choice for the high traffic areas aboard these vessels.